Still walking and still looking for company even virtually

I am having an interesting time as a team Captain for NAMI NH.

NAMI stands for the National Alliance for Mental Illness.  They do a walk every year for their main fund raiser for their organization.  I have wanted to participate before but Concord NH is a ways from Winchester NH an hour and a half to two hours and I didn’t want to go alone. Soooooooooooooooooo….this year I was asked if I would consider being a team captain for the In Shape exercise program I have been a part of for several years.  I would have someone from Monadnock Family Services (our local mental health center) to drive with and they are offering a free lunch.  Now I had enough reasons and motivation to head over to Concord NH and see what this is all about.  I decided to become a team captain, which anyone can do, and have been having a fun yet challenging time ever since.

With something like this it is hard to know what kind of a response you are going to get from others.  Will you have a lot of people join you or  very few?  How will people react when you tell them what NAMI stands for? Who will actually end up coming and walking in the event?  How much will people be willing to participate?

The more the merrier is how I think about it!

Just let me know if you would be interested in joining the In Shape Keene team for NAMI walks and I can help you get signed up!

The walk is Saturday October 4th. Check in starts at 9 am and the walk starts at 10:30. You can google NAMI walks, NH 2009 and find their website if you would like to register yourself for the event.  The name of the team I am captaining is “In Shape Keene”.  I am working on t-shirt details for the team.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.  I have contacted one company and the lowest they can go for one color shirt with another color ink is $6.50 a shirt and I am hoping to get a lot of people signed up on our team.  You can actually walk the walk, volunteer and help out at the walk, just go and watch people walk, they have a short path that you can walk, or you can be a virtual walker.  Just let me know how you would like to participate.  I am sure you can also get to the NAMI walks info. from the NAMI organization home page … or .org.  Then you can see a little more about what NAMI does and provides for Mental Health consumers.

I have really enjoyed participating in a program they offer called “In Our Own Voice”. It is an opportunity for those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness to have  opportunities to tell their story.  This can be very important for the healing process for those who have mental health issues.  It is always nice to see more of a purpose for your pain.  I have some difficulty dealing with depression and PTSD myself.  It is also very helpful for those who are family members, community members, and care givers for those who receive mental health services.  It gives better understanding and insight into some issues that are not well understood.  It also helps deal with some of the stigma surrounding Mental Illness.


4 responses to “Still walking and still looking for company even virtually

  1. Just to let you know if you have gotten this far that

    we have walked 258 miles so far!!!

    Please add your miles to this and re-total the miles for the rest of us to add to!

    Thank you and bless you!!!

  2. my name is jordan, age 10 and I will be joining you all on the walk. the total still stands the same 258 miles.
    I will pray for healing while I walk.

    good luck,

  3. sorry about my last post. I just found out we all may add in our miles …that makes 18 miles added to the number.

    So that makes the total 276 miles!!!

    have fun ,

  4. Next I am going to find out how many miles it takes to cross each state to get to the other side of the country and will let you know how many states we have crossed so far in our virtual walk across the country.

    I am aiming at my nephews house in California.

    Our big goal is One Million Miles but it is nice to have little goals along the way that you can easily meet and celebrate!!!

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