Healing is possible and is happening!

I think it is important to remember that healing happens in many different ways and in many different time frames. The most fun and exiting healing is for someone to be miraculously healed in a very short period of time from an obvious physical impairment. Sometimes the healing takes longer, maybe even years. There are also different types of healing. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and maybe more. The mental, emotional, and spiritual healing is not always as dramatic and/or apparent. That does not mean that they are any less important or significant.

I would like to have people write comments about this post and share their experiences of healing.

I myself have received many types of healing in a variety of time frames. Some quickly and some over a period of many years. Some physical, emotional,mental and spiritual. From digestive problems to healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (from childhood abuse) and severe chronic depression. The digestion problem was healed instantly when I walked into a ministry meeting. I didn’t even need to ask for prayer. It just happened when I walked into the room during a time of worship. The healing from past abuse issues have happened slowly and over time through many years of prayer (personal and group), growth in learning how to listen, care, and minister to others and counseling.

I am very grateful to the Susan G. Komen foundation for helping me to realize how much healing is happening on a larger scale than I normally see.

Circle of breast cancer survivors also had larger circle around them

Circle of breast cancer survivors also had larger circle around them of at least thirty

You can view a more detailed example of a day in the life of a breast cancer survivor if you go to http://www.pinkwings.com. That is the website of the captain of the team I was on for the 3Day…Team Pink Wings. On her website Courtney has a video of her own personal experience fighting breast cancer.

We also had another breast cancer survivor on our team that I had the privilage to meet (we may have had more). I don’t know if I can explain in words how life changing fund raising for and walking in the 3Day is. You have the opportunity to meet amazing men and women who have faced sickness and disease and fought it and lived to tell about it. You also meet their family members and friends who give financially and walk 60 miles to support them. You see determination and tenacity face to face….and it looks like you and me. It is your neighbor, sister, father, mother, friend and/or co-worker. Instead of an organization being nameless and faceless and just wanting your money and you don’t know what they actually do with it all…Susan Komen is a woman who died of breast cancer ,yet even while she was sick she still cared for others, and her sister promised her she would do everything she could to find a cure. You see and feel that spirit when you talk to anyone who works for or walks (runs,bikes,horseback rides, etc.) for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Being a part of the 3Day 60 mile walk in Boston has encouraged me to care more, do more and ask others to help also. I also have to give a lot of credit to the In Shape program of Monadnock Family Services. Their mentor exercise program keeps encouraging me to exercise and offers many exercise activities to choose from. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to walk 60 miles if they hadn’t help me get in shape enough to believe it was possible. Then Courtney (Capt. of Pink Wings) took over and encouraged me that I really could raise $2,300.00 and walk 60 miles. She has done it ten times after all and she is there to help every step of the way. You are all welcome to join team Pink Wings and walk with us in Chicago in 2010. Just go to <www.the3day.org> and “find (me) a participant” Jennifer Ireland. I have a personal webpage so you can donate through me to Susan G. Komen (100% goes to the foundation) so I can walk in Chicago next August. I also have my e-mail address on my personal page if you have any questions or you would like me to walk in honor or memory of a loved one. You are also able to join team Pink Wings from there as well.

The most recent evidence of healing I have witnessed has been during this past two weeks!!!

I belong to a non-denominational christian ministry in Keene and we have recently had a visiting minister from Capetown South Africa visiting us. These are the reports of healing from the ministry meetings that we have had in New Hampshire…

During our time of worship a young man with a broken neck(from diving)
in a neck brace began to feel the pain leave and freedom of movement!

Erik had a song of the Lord through the drum (tjembe) and song and felt it was for this young man and so it was!

Polliann had a song from Psalm91 that was very rich. she also shared how her knee had been healed
during the kids healing prayer training that afternoon.

The meeting began with people testifying of healings and
miracles God has done in their lives and this set a tone of faith and hope and gratitude to God.

It was easy to worship in deep thanksgiving. God’s Presence was so near.

Pastor Phyllis ministered to those in need of healing and shared prophetically. One gal was in such pain she cried just to walk and when she left she was improved already.

Pastor p tesified of how her knees were healed when she had crippling pain and needed replacements. She gave a moving testimony of how God has healed her of the heartache of her murdered grandson.

Pastor Phyllis felt the region is having a visitation of God. God the master gardener is come to enjoy his glorious garden. The trees are arrayed in their best garments. Open up ye gates and let the King of Glory come in.


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