Put fun in the hum drum!Dancing while doing dishes and laundry.

I don’t know how many people enjoy doing household chores? I personally don’t.

I also am amazed at how litte time I actually have to do all the things I want to, and have to do, during the day. Sometimes I find that a whole day can get filled up with loads of laundry and/or dishes and cooking and shopping for meals. Yuck.

So I have invested in an mp3 player and that has allowed me to combine something I love with something I hate.

It has been the best investment!

I put on my mp3 player and dance while I do dishes and dance while I do laundry. You can dance while you sweep or vacuum.

Also, combining exercise with household chores saves me time. I get three things done at the same time…having fun dancing, daily exercise, and household chores.

It is especially encouraging to me to dance to christian music but I am not talking about church choirs. I enjoy more upbeat artists like Jars of Clay, Relient K, Toby Mac, Rebecca St. James, Kirk Franklin, U2, The Call, Newsboys, Kutless worship, Skillet, DC Talk, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Jennifer Knapp, Six Pence Non the Richer, August Rush Soundtrack, etc.

These groups and artists have a variety of sounds. Jars of Clay are played the most on mainstream radio. Relient K is kind of like the beach boys – fast paced, fun and funny. Newsboys are upbeat and have very thought provoking lyrics (sometimes sarcastic)and have fun with their music as well.

The point is to have fun even if you are doing something you don’t like doing!

Be careful! Soap suds are slippery and so is water on the floor!

It has really helped me with the back ache problem of standing over the sink in the same position. I stretch and do a little dancing in between or while doing the plastic bowls….it is a lot of fun!

You should try it!

Then you should click on the link for the virtual walk across the United States post and add your miles.

So far we have gone from Augusta Maine through New Hampshire to Montpelier Vermont and on to Harrisburg West Virginia!

30 minutes of any exercise counts as one mile….so that includes dancing and even raking leaves, gardening, vacuuming, scrubbing and scouring,football, tennis, lifting weights, swimming, etc.

We need 100 or so more miles to get from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Charlestown West Virginia! Yay!

So lets get up and get moving!!!


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