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Exercising One Million Miles for World Wellness…will you join me?!

My definition of World Wellness is a world without any sickness or disease!

This is also a huge goal but I believe that if we work together on this we will see more healing happen

I specifically chose an amount that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish myself so I could ask others to join me in walking and exercising to be able to attain this goal.

You would be able to donate miles to the cause whenever you exercise. Exercising 10 minutes = a half a mile…20 minutes=1mile…30min.=1.5….40min.=2miles….50min.=2.5 and 60min or 1hour=3miles.  These figures are based on walking at a moderate pace of  three miles an hour. If you run, jog, or bike you should figure higher mileage…4,5, or 6 miles an hour depending on your pace.  Miles are collected on an honor system and are figured out to the best of a persons ability.

If you would like to donate miles then just simply make a comment to my blog about how many miles you have walked or minutes you have worked out so I can add them to my total. I will keep blogging to update everyone about how many miles we have all exercised as often as possible.

I have started a virtual walk to all the U.S. state capitols so we can have smaller goals than one million miles.  It helps me to keep motivated to be able to keep on working out and I hope it helps you too!

So who would like to join me?

My plan is to keep walking,exercising and basically getting in shape while also praying for world wellness.

So I am asking others to do the same or modified a little… think positive thoughts of world wellness… send wellness out to the world. Speak wellness to the world,etc.

How did I ever think any of this could be possible? Well…….

I have been a part of an exercise program with Monadnock Family Services called In Shape for about five years and was still having a tough time keeping on task with exercise. I had reached a level where I was working out pretty regularly for an hour to hour and a half four to five days a week but I knew I needed something bigger to push me to keep working out on a regular basis. Just for my benefit was not enough motivation for me.

I started thinking about exercise fund raisers in the area. That would be exercise with a worthwhile purpose. That would help. We have a local food pantry that has a walk-or-not-athon every year. We have a local learning center that has a walking fundraiser every year. I also knew about The Relay for Life that happens on a yearly basis as well. There are a lot of them but they were also all about 3-5 miles and not much more. I wanted to find something that would be more of a challenge. Then I saw the ad on TV for the Susan G. Komen 3day 60 mile walk for a cure for breast cancer.

My first thought was…how on earth do you walk 60 miles? I called the 1-800 number on the screen and asked just that question. I was told about the walk and how it is broken down into 3 mile segments and they provide snacks and drinks and meals as a part of the registration fee. They also send out weekly emails describing the exercise training schedule for each week 24 weeks and 18 weeks before the walk.

That was it!!! A great cause! a training schedule and I was also be able to look online and find others to train with! Yay!!

It has been great to meet these supportive, encouraging, courageous women! I have been very blessed! I am also looking forward to getting to know those who are willing to join me in walking for world wellness!

By the way….registration is discounted by $35 (POWER10 is the code to enter) from now until November if you are interested in signing up to do the 3day 60 mile walk in 2010! The website is If you have any trouble finding it or have any other questions please leave a comment below.  You are welcome to join team Pink Wings…we have a great team with great captains and will be walking in Chicago for 2010.(see pic below)

Team Pink Wings walk for Hannah!
Team Pink Wings walking for Hannah!

Hanna is a ten year old girl who was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2009.
Please consider donating miles!
Thank you!!!